Cewe Instrument offers complete solutions for electrical and energy measurements. The solutions are communications enabled and allow data-collection, processing and presentation for domestic, industry and power sectors.

The products make the customers aware of energy consumption and empower them to control it; therefore contribute to lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

With more than 50 years in business Cewe Instrument has sales in more than 60 countries worldwide. The manufacturing capability ranges from analogue panel instruments, electrical transducers to high-end energy meters and advanced software based electronic products for measurement and communication of energy data.

Cewe Instrument has been in the business of energy measurement for 50 years and has a market in over 60 countries; the employees have always helped maximise customer benefit through delivery performance, customer support and emphasis on quality. Our test and R&D facilities are maintained to the highest standards and are at the forefront of technology.

We have a well developed sales and service network to serve utility and industrial customers world wide.