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Kalkitech Sync2000 protocol gateway/converter is provides IEC-61850 compliance over DLMS. It offers superior substation-grade ruggedness based on IEC 61850-3 specifications, and is ideally suited for use in a wide range of transmission and distribution applications. The Sync2000 gateway also supports other power system protocols, including IEC 61850, enabling utilities to exchange data with SCADA and local monitoring systems.  Sync2000 enables seamless and secure communication, providing interoperability for power generation, transmission and distribution.

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
    • Substation to control centre gateway
    • Substation phasor data concentrator (PDC) and converter
    • Smart grid protocol converter
    • IEC 61850 substation metering data concentrator
    • DLMS/COSEM/Modbus/ANSI Gateway
    • Up to eight meters can be connected
    • Supports more than 40 protocols, including IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, IEC 61850, DNP3.0, Modbus RTU/TCP, and DLMS/COSEM      
    • Automatic start up and initialisation following power restoration
    • LED indication for module status, serial link status and Ethernet status
    • Support for up to 3,000 data points
    • Storage for up to 50,000 events
    • Time synchronisation using IEC60870/DNP3/SNTP
    • Wide range of AC and DC power supplies
    • KEMA-certified IEC 61850 server
    • File upload/download support, with remote configuration
    • SSL VPN with AES, DES or 3DES encryption over WAN