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Current Transformers and Shunts

Current Transformers


Our current transformers provide an essential link in the AC measurement system and are the perfect complement to our panel instruments, transducers and energy meters. All our current transformers are produced according to IEC 60044-1.

Three ranges are available, catering to different installation types:

MCT are solid-core current transformers for low voltage installations

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
    • Suitable for all AC installations where panel instruments, transducers or energy meters are used
    • Compact design
    • Built-in terminal cover
    • Rated voltage 720 V (maximum), frequency 50-60 Hz
    • MCT standard range 40 A to 400 A, secondary 1 A or 5 A.
    • MCT accuracy class: 0.5s, 0.5, 1.0 or 3 (depending on size, current and burden)