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M-Cubed is a modular meter management and can be used for data collection as well. M-Cubed software is applicable with CewePremier, Sprint and Elite 100.

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
    • Meter information management
    • Meter configuration
    • Remote meter data collection
    • Easy data presentation, viewing and printing
    • Data export and integration


    • User management control and information management
      • Effective user management by providing suitable rights to multiple users
      • Stores information such as serial no, location, kVA rating, contract demand etc.
    • Meter configuration
      • Facility to configure meter 
    • Multiple Data collection options
      • Direct meter reading through PC/laptop
      • Remote meter reading through GSM/ GPRS modems
      • Meter reading with TCP/ IP connection in LAN/WAN
      • Data import from compatible HHU 
    • Meter data view and reporting
      • Instantaneous parameter view
      • Energy and demand register readings
      • Load profile tabular and chart view
      • Events view
    • Meter data export
      • Data can be exported in various industry standard formats like XML and CSV for integration with third party software