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The vuenergy application is an advanced energy web-portal which helps domestic, commercial and industrial consumers to manage their energy usage pattern and encourage them for developing on energy efficiency along with reduction in their energy costs and carbon emission.  

vuenergy is an publically accessible website for dedicated users, meant for multi-fuel monitoring e.g. electricity, heat and gas etc. by logging on to internet.  

  • Applications
  • Features and Benefits
    • Renewable energy applications e.g. wind mill, photo voltaic, feed-in tariff (FIT), etc.
    • Can be used as a tool for commercial energy review
    • Energy management for multi-storey buildings and all sizes of industries
    • vuenergy is a publically hosted web portal for users
      • Check the energy usage status globally via internet
      • Scattered metering locations across the globe can be monitored centrally with complete ease


    • Allows views for energy generation and consumption for different power sources e.g. solar, wind, thermal, etc.
      • User friendly single point, multi user access of energy data from remote locations


    • Allows views of usage or consumption for different utilities e.g. electricity, water, gas, etc. together
      • Provides consumption usage in energy (kWh)
      • Provides energy usage in monetary terms (€), ease to understand
      • Provides usage in carbon emitted (kg), makes it easy to connect with customers for developing approach of energy-efficiency
      • Cost monitoring by flexible reports e.g. daily, monthly, yearly etc.


    • Provides updates of local weather conditions


    • Provides frequent tips for energy savings and low carbon emission